Earlier this summer, it was revealed that an auction of Black Sabbath postcards and items from early in the band's career would be taking place at the Sheffield Auction Gallery. There's no doubt that the items would draw great interest among Black Sabbath fans, but before the items reached the block, the Osbourne family purchased the materials for themselves.

Auctioneer Stephen Flintoff revealed to The Star, "The items have been sold by private treaty, for an undisclosed sum, to the Osbourne family, ensuring that this important piece of hard rock musical history remains intact."

The collection includes materials dating between 1968 and 1972, including publicity posters for the pre-Sabbath era band Earth, handwritten lyrics for songs, photos and postcards that Ozzy Osbourne had written to his mother in Birmingham while on tour.

One of the key items set to hit the block was the handwritten lyrics to the song "Changing Phases," which later became "Solitude" off the Masters of Reality album. Flintoff stated, "It was a great piece of hard rock history and we were delighted to be able to bring it to the market. We received a huge amount of pre-auction interest, from all over the world from fans, collectors and the press, particularly Rolling Stone magazine. It has been one of the most inquired about lots we have ever had in auction, particularly on social media."

According to Flintoff, the initial pre-auction estimate was between £2,000 to £3,000, but that price had been increasing. The initial collection of Sabbath materials had been discovered by a Sheffield resident in the '80s when the old London Dockland was demolished.

The collection would obviously have great sentimental value to the Osbourne family. Black Sabbath are in the midst of their final tour before retiring from the road.

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