For the second time this year, Ozzy Osbourne's Los Angeles home has almost been burned to the ground. This time, however, it wasn't a rogue candle which prompted the blaze. The purveyor of flames in this particular mishap was the Prince of Darkness himself … and a bacon sandwich.

In January, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne's home was lit aflame after a candle, which was mistakenly left lit overnight, exploded in a glass vase and ignited the couple's living room. In a comedy of errors, Ozzy attempted to put out the January fire with his hand, which was in a cast from recent hand surgery, while a splash of water from Sharon Osbourne unintentionally spread the oily fire, burning Ozzy's hair, searing off his eyebrows and skinning the Black Sabbath vocalist's cheeks. The fire possibly even scorched a deal between the Osbourne's potential sale of their home to pop star Jessica Simpson for an estimated $12 million.

This second fire to plague the Osbourne mansion was sparked on Aug. 27 as Ozzy prepared a delicious bacon sandwich. You're probably picturing Ozzy yelling "Sharon!!!!" after the bacon fire began, but the singer's wife was actually in London at the time, rendering her unable to throw hot grease upon her panicked husband.

A source tells the Mirror, "Ozzy has just got back from four months abroad on tour, and was still a little jet-lagged and disorientated. Shortly before bedtime, he went to make himself a little snack. Unfortunately, when frying the bacon, he managed to set light to the pan and triggered the smoke alarm. Because the Osbournes’ alarm system is so advanced, and Ozzy has form for this kind of thing, an alert was immediately sent to the LAFD – and officers were dispatched."

The source adds, "Ozzy was mortified when he realized the fuss he’d caused and apologized profusely to the fire crew. He has promised to be more careful, and less gung ho, in the future."

Meanwhile, Black Sabbath are currently finishing up their highly anticipated North American tour, with only three shows left until the heavy metal legends pack up their gear.