2016 has been a somber year in the music industry. In fact, starting in late 2015, there have been a significant number of music luminaries who have passed away, making fans and musicians alike take a closer look at their own mortality. In a recent chat about Black Sabbath's "The End" tour, Ozzy Osbourne detoured a bit from the idea of finishing the band's touring career and spoke about the loss of Motorhead great Lemmy Kilmister and some of his other musical peers.

He told the Sydney Morning Herald, "We're all in our late 60s. I'm 68! The way things are going, people are dying left, right and center this year, you know what I mean? So many of our colleagues have died. Lemmy's died, Bowie's died. Jimmy [Bain] from Ronnie James Dio died, Natalie Cole died, the singer from Stone Temple Pilots died, the guy from the Eagles died. It's like, every day somebody else dies and I'm thinking, f--king hell, I'm not ... I'm not liking this."

With the subject of death coming up, Osbourne offered some additional insight into the passing of his longtime friend Lemmy Kilmister. "I spoke to him two days before he died, or tried to. I couldn't make head nor tail what the f--- he was talking about, he was so ill," said Osbourne. "And two days before I spoke to him he just had a birthday, his 70th … I mean, there's nothing f---ing good about f---ing dying at any age, you know? But as he said to me, in one of the last conversations I had with him, he says, 'Well, I lived my life the way I wanted to live it. Who wants to live to 85? You're gonna be bored s--tless.'"

Though Black Sabbath remain one of music's iconic acts and Osbourne has stated he intends on continuing his solo career after "The End" tour concludes, he knows the clock is ticking and once again reiterated that this is definitely the final tour for Sabbath. "[These days] none of us get loaded. We all go to bed at a reasonable time and have days off. It's the way it should be and while we're on the subject, it's definitely our farewell tour," said Osbourne. "If somebody thinks that a couple of years up the road we'll have problems with our memory and do another 90 shows ... this is definitely the end for Black Sabbath."

The band is gearing up for a tour of Australia and New Zealand in April, then will take the month of May off before starting a European trek in June. The next North American leg starts in mid-August. See all of the band's dates here.

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