When it comes to '80s hard rock ballads, it would be hard to beat the Ozzy Osbourne-Lita Ford duet on 'Close My Eyes Forever.' The song became a major hit for both and really helped boost Ford's career in the late '80s. This heartfelt song was penned by the pair after a night out partying when inspiration struck. The track speaks to the deep emotions of trying to capture an elusive love.

In the video itself, Osbourne and Ford share vocals, but are never seen onscreen together, left to longingly dream of the other while performing. Even at the end of the clip, when they finally share the same shot, Osbourne and Ford are kept apart by distance, with Osbourne appearing at the highest peak of the scenery and Ford remaining at the depths below.

Watch Ozzy Osbourne and Lita Ford's 'Close My Eyes Forever'

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