While Ozzy Osbourne remains as vital as ever, the metal legend acknowledges that he's in the twilight of his music career and is anxious to make the most of it. In a new interview with The National, Osbourne reveals that there's still plenty he wants to do, but figuring out which project to take on is the tough part.

The Prince of Darkness says after the success of Black Sabbath's '13,' there is obviously a lot of momentum and support for another Sabbath disc. He explains, "The way I look at it now is that I am 65. If we have another album in us, I would do it. To be honest with you, I haven't talked to the rest of the guys about whether they want to do another album with me. We didn't sit down and plan our next move, but I am up for it. If they say, 'Let's do another album,' then I don't mind."

But while Osbourne has revealed his willingness to do another Black Sabbath album, he's not exactly putting all his eggs in one basket. He adds, "At the same time, I have my own solo career which is doing great, so I always want to work on that. Time is not on my side anymore, so I want to put all my irons in the fire and whatever comes out the hottest, then I will just go for it."

As for his legacy as one of rock's last wild men, Osbourne adds, "I am just Ozzy and there is only one of me, thank God. I do think that everybody wants to be Ozzy for a day and just go out and be crazy without injuring people. I think everyone wants to have a crazy day."

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