Rock group Palaye Royale have fired their touring bassist Daniel Curcio after allegations of sexual misconduct emerged on Twitter.

The band, which consists of Remington Leith (vocals), Sebastian Danzig (guitar) and Emerson Barrett (drums), has employed the services of two touring members — Andrew Martin (guitar) and Daniel Curcio. After sharing a message condemning misconduct and stressing fan safety, Palaye Royale clarified, "Please note; Daniel Curcio no longer works for Palaye Royale."

The original message read,

Palaye Royale have always been the three members. We are extremely disappointed in the actions of one of our touring musicians.

His decisions are not in any way a reflection on us, we have worked our whole lives to achieve where we are today.

Under no circumstances will we allow misconduct to anyone especially our fans; safety is our number one priority.

Curcio contributed to the group's latest record, The Bastards, which was released at the end of May on Sumerian Records. It's the third album from Palaye Royale, following Boom Boom Room (Side A) and Boom Boom Room (Side B), which came out in 2016 and 2018, respectively.

The Bastards is ripe with social commentary, from the anti-gun violence stance of "Massacre" to the inner struggles tackled on "Nervous Breakdown." A spring North American tour with The Hunna and Arrested Youth was planned, but did not happen as scheduled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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