Did Palaye Royale leak the title of the first single from their upcoming album? That's how it was laid out by Rock Sound Tuesday (June 18) when lead singer Remington Leith said the new song "explains how [they're] feeling."

The rockers dropped the name of the fresh tune at Download Festival in England last weekend, where the Canadian rockers who now reside in Las Vegas performed as part of the annual event. Meanwhile, Palaye Royale estimated a crop of over 30 fresh compositions from which to construct their next effort.

The anticipated third album from the group led by Leith, guitarist Sebastian Danzig and drummer Emerson Barrett will be their first full-length since 2018's Boom Boom Room (Side B) and its 2016 precursor, Boom Boom Room (Side A). Watch the band's video interview down toward the bottom of this post.

During the chat, Danzig listed a few of the band's new song titles. But he warned that some unreleased Palaye Royal songs fans hear at live shows may not make the final cut, due to a surplus of new material.

"A lot of them might not make it, but at least we're introducing a new style and aggression in our music that wasn't [there] with Side A and Side B," Danzig explained. "The fans have got a little insight into it, but also we've been hiding a lot, which has been nice. There's probably over now 30 songs we're up to on this record. So now it's like deciding exactly which direction we want to take."

With that in mind, Leith proclaimed the band's next album to be "the record I've always dreamed of making," he laid out in a typical bit of Palaye Royale bravado. "That's what I'm going to say about it."

Elsewhere, the singer slyly leaked the probable title of the album's lead single: "I think our newest single will kind of encapsulate that a bit, he said. "It's called 'Nervous Breakdown.' And it explains how we're feeling."

Earlier this month, Danzig and the band spoke to Loudwire about the time the guitarist was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon for throwing a cup of coffee at someone who attempted to run over his dog.

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