Pantera fans showed a ‘Vulgar Display of Power’ as their relentless voting took the band’s lost single ‘Piss’ to five straight Cage Match victories. With that accomplishment, Pantera and the song 'Piss' enter the Loudwire Cage Match Hall of Fame.

The band's most recent victory was against Marilyn Manson. They also showed their ‘Strength Beyond Strength’ against Megadeth and Slash, as well as Rise Against and Five Finger Death Punch.

Pantera claim a well deserved spot alongside  Korn, Anthrax, Trivium and others in our Cage Match Hall of Fame. Check out singer Phil Anselmo's thoughts on the 20th anniversary of 'Vulgar Display of Power' in our  exclusive interview with the rocker.

Watch the Pantera 'Piss' Video