Pantera fans are far beyond driven when it comes to streaming the band's music. According to the group's social media, Pantera just eclipsed one billion musical streams across a variety of platforms.

The post makes mention of Amazon, Apple, Deezer, Google and Spotify as streaming platforms that helped them reach the goal, while also thanking the fans for listening.

Pantera's most streamed track on Spotify is "Walk," followed by the title track from "Cowboys From Hell," with both songs exceeding the 100 million streams mark.

The group issued nine albums between 1983 and 2000, with 2000's Reinventing the Steel being their final record before they split in 2003. The group really took off with the addition of singer Philip Anselmo and an evolution of their sound as the '90s began.

In the aftermath of drummer Vinnie Paul's death in 2018, Anselmo began revisiting Pantera's music with his band on tour. In addition, since the death of guitarist Dimebag Darrell, artists have annually gathered at the Dimebash concert event to help continue celebrating and spreading the band's legacy.

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