The year 2012 was a particularly strong one for metal music, with a tremendous amount of quality songs ripping faces off from all subgenres. After the tens of thousands of votes were all tallied, Pantera snatched a huge win for their song 'Piss.'

'Piss' was released with the 20th anniversary edition of Pantera's classic album 'Vulgar Display of Power' as a never-before-heard track. With over 28 percent of the overall vote, 'Piss' successfully beat out Lamb of God's 'Ghost Walking,' Anthrax's 'I'm Alive' and other incredible metal tunes.

Much respect and congrats to Phil, Rex, Vinnie and the late, great Dime. This victory goes to show that the power of Pantera has not waned over the years. See the full voting results below and click on the red button to see the next winner:

Voting Results: