Since Donald Trump took office, one of the biggest moves championed by the new Commander-in-Chief was a new health care bill that would repeal President Obama's Affordable Healthcare Act. One of its biggest supporters of the bill was the Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, and upon the defeat of the Republican plan on Friday, there were plenty of jabs to be made at Ryan and fellow Republicans by those opposed to the proposed action. Among those getting in on the fun was S--t My Dad Says creator Justin Halpern, who crafted a fake New York Times piece that went viral and included a nod at Papa Roach.

As a tack-on to the piece about the bill's defeat, Halpern added, "It was a stunning failure for Paul Ryan. He exited the White House in defeat and took no questions as he stepped into his black SUV. Within moments, the muffled sounds of Papa Roach's 'Last Resort' were heard blaring from inside the car as it drove away." See the post below.

The post spread quickly across the Internet with many believing it to be legit. Halpern, admittedly surprised that people didn't realize it was a joke, later tweeted, "I honestly thought my Paul Ryan/Papa Roach photoshop joke was obvious, but, I was wrong. He is SUCH a tool it was believable." He later added, "My God, Papa Roach is trending. This is my greatest accomplishment in a career of incredibly mediocre accomplishments."

Papa Roach, suddenly getting a surge in Twitter traffic, weighed in with a dig of their own that may have been the best yet with the following tweet:

But soon reflecting on the serious nature of their song, the band added, "But seriously 'Last Resort' was written about suicide, if anyone is feeling defeated get help at ."

While it's great for Papa Roach's "Last Resort" to spike once again in the public consciousness, the band does have new music on the way. The group just revealed that their new album Crooked Teeth will arrive on May 19. You can pre-order digitally via iTunes or get a pre-order bundle at this location.

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