Papa Roach's Jacoby Shaddix just surpassed a significant milestone in his life, but it's one that has nothing to do with a chart record. The singer recently celebrated eight years of sobriety by heading out on the town with friends and enjoying a "mocktail."

Posting video of the occasion, Shaddix and bandmate Tony Palermo hit "the smallest bar in the world" while out on tour, having the bartender serve up a fake cocktail.

"To happiness and health," toasted Shaddix, adding, "No alcohol for eight years and I'm coming to celebrate to have a fake [cocktail]." The bartender revealed the drink to include lime, vanilla syrup and pink grapefruit soda. After which, a tiny cake with candles was brought out to Shaddix to blow out and mark the milestone. Watch the video below.

Last year, Shaddix told Kerrang that discovering his faith was a big step in achieving and maintaining his sobriety. “It’s been key for me. I follow a man named Jesus and I think he’s awesome,” he explains. “Unfortunately there are a lot of terrible f--king Christians out there, but when living in a relationship with my higher power, I feel like I’m clicked in to the ultimate power in the f--king universe. Don’t get it twisted, I’ve certainly had my struggles and failures in my spiritual life, but my walk with God has been one that’s evolved over the years.”

The vocalist added that he comes from a family affected by alcohol, but has taken steps to break the cycle. “The struggle with alcohol has been in my family for generations, continually destroying lives and relationships,” said the singer. “I tried for a long time to put the bottle down. I got kicked out of the house and it looked like my wife and I were going to split up. There came a point when I realized enough was enough.”

He added, “It’s dramatically affected my life in so many positive ways, giving me the opportunity to be a good husband and father, as well as a kickass frontman. I watch all the f--king VH1 documentaries about musicians dying, and having friends die from this shit, I’m lucky that I got out alive. I can’t say I’ve been perfect – I’ve slipped up and smoked weed a few times, but haven’t had any alcohol, cocaine, pills or anything else.”

Papa Roach's Jacoby Shaddix Celebrates Eight Years of Sobriety

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