Papa Roach continue to roll out new music from their upcoming Who Do You Trust? album. The latest song to arrive is a catchy number called "Elevate."

The track opens with what sounds like a choral vocal with "whoa-ohs" singing, "Lift me higher / When I get down," then gives way to Jacoby Shaddix using a more rap-style delivery in the verses. Shaddix goes more melodic for the chorus, singing, "I need something to lift me up when I'm down / I get lost in my head for so long / Can't get out when I'm feeling like I'm crawling in my skin and sinking down / I need someone to lift me up / I want to elevate."

Between bombastic instrumentals and distant hip-hop tendencies, the track is sonically reminiscent of both Twenty One Pilots and Imagine Dragons. Listen below.

"Elevate" follows on the heels of "Who Do You Trust?," "Renegade Music" and "Not the Only One" that have all been released from the upcoming disc. The album itself will arrive on Jan. 18 through Eleven Seven Music.

As has been reported, Papa Roach continued to write and work with producers Nick "RAS" Furlong and Colin Cunningham after completing their Crooked Teeth album, with much of the music for Who Do You Trust? being started shortly after their finishing their previous record.

Papa Roach are done touring for 2018, but will pack up shortly after the holidays to begin their 2019 touring Jan. 17 in Sacramento, Calif. See all of their scheduled dates here.

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