Paramore are gearing up for a new album in the new year, but it's one of their past records that has fans buzzing at the moment. The band has changed the album art for 2013's self-titled album on Spotify to where it now features singer Hayley Williams shot from behind sporting a jacket with the words "GROW UP" painted across the back.

There was no explanation via their website or social media for the change, but perhaps it could do with the lineup change within the band since that album came out. The original artwork featured the trio of Williams, Taylor York and former bassist Jeremy Davis.

Davis exited the group two years after the album's release in 2015, with a legal dispute following that resolved in 2017. After Davis' exit, drummer Zac Farro returned to the group in 2017 making them a three-piece once again. The band has utilized Joey Howard as a touring bassist in the time since Davis left the band.

While the album artwork has changed, it does appear to be from the same photo shoot in which the original album photo came from, as Williams' bright orange hair with painted streaks and denim jacket appear to be the same.

The Paramore self-titled set was the band's fourth studio album, yielding the singles "Now," "Still Into You," "Daydreaming" and "Ain't It Fun." It hit No. 1 on the Billboard 200 Album Chart.

Take a look below and see both the old and the new version of the Paramore self-titled album cover.

Paramore, Paramore Original Album Artwork

paramore, paramore album, paramore self-titled album, paramore self-titled album original artwork
Fueled By Ramen / Atlantic

Paramore, Paramore Updated Album Artwork

paramore, paramore album, paramore self-titled album, paramore updated self-titled album artwork
Fueled by Ramen / Atlantic

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