Twitter users got a restaurant in the Philippines buzzing after discovering it was entirely Paramore-themed. Beyond its menu shouting out some of the band’s biggest songs, Paramore art alongside a mural of Hayley Williams graces the inside of the pulled meat joint.

About forty minutes south of Manila, you can visit Pulled PH in San Pedro. If you’re in the mood for some mac and cheese, you can order the “Never Let This Go” with pork or beef. If you want some heat with your lunch, customers can grab the “Anklebiters” sandwich topped with jalapeños and Carolina Reaper sauce. And if you’re feasting with friends, you can grab the massive bread and meat platter called “Pressure.”

A tweet showing the Pulled PH menu and interior made the rounds on Twitter the past two days, solidifying the Philippine restaurant as a spiritual favorite for the Paramore-obsessed:

Pulled PH even took notice of the tweet and thanked Paramore fans for their support: "Aaaaaand we are trending on Twitter! Thank you for noticing us! 😍 Paramore fam showing some love and support!"

Turns out the spot just recently opened. Here’s an inside look at creating their Paramore flair:

Reviews for Pulled PH have been positive so far, so check them out if you’re ever in San Pedro!

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