Joe Biden spoke at the Democratic National Convention last night (Aug. 20), officially accepting the party’s nomination for President of the United States. Of course, conspiracy theorists began circulating Satanic theories, including one Trump-supporting pastor who got roasted in the comments section of his own Twitter post.

They say “the Devil is in the details”… and for Pastor Greg Locke, he found the Devil in the Democratic Nation Convention’s logo. After flipping the artwork sideways, Locke pointed out the five-pointed star in the D looks an awful lot like a pentagram.

I suppose it’s “just a coincidence” that the #DemConvention logo turned sideways has the EXACT same design and measurements as another familiar logo,” he writes. “Satanism is alive and well.”

Twitter users didn’t take to Pastor Locke’s biased fear-mongering, devilishly roasting him by pointing out more Satanic symbols:

Twitter users even found part of a pentagram in Locke’s header image, which the pastor quickly changed after he was accosted with comments:

We suppose it’s “just a coincidence” that Pastor Locke incorporated the evil partial pentagram point in his official Twitter header. We rebuke this Satanic pastor in the name of heavy metal. We also found this video of Pastor Locke speaking behind a Baphomet statue, furthering suspicion that he's a Satanic operative for the globalist elite:

And Pastor Locke, whatever you do, don't turn the Republican National Convention graphic upside down. You'll be shook.


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