It's official: Eddie Vedder's Chicago Cubs fandom has run completely amuck. Pearl Jam recently released their Let's Play Two live album / concert film, which featured the band performing at the historic Wrigley Field, home of the Major League Baseball team. Keeping the celebratory spirits high, the grunge legends have released an 8-bit arcade-styled baseball video game under the Let's Play Two moniker.

Fans can choose between one of Pearl Jam's six members, including live keyboardist Boom Gaspar. It's a Home Run Derby type game is set in Wrigley Field where the player must smack as many home runs as possible within the 60-second time limit. Let's Play Two is a simple game that even non-video game aficionados should have no problem taking a swing at, though it does take some practice to get a sense of the timing required to actually hit the ball.

To play, head to the Let's Play Two website and check out a trailer below which Pearl Jam shared on Twitter. "Try to top the scoreboard for your chance to win an autographed baseball and custom Pearl Jam baseball bat," reads the introductory statement on the site.

Vedder has strong ties with the Chicago Cubs and was even on the field as the team secured their first World Series win since 1908 in 2016, ending one of the longest championship droughts in professional sports history. More recently, he performed an impromptu gig outside of Wrigley Field back in September, joining some street musicians as they jammed Pearl Jam's "Corduroy" and The Who's "The Seeker." If that wasn't enough, Pearl Jam performed a rooftop show just outside the stadium as well.

The live album and film, features 17 career-spanning track from Pearl Jam and was shot on the band's 2016 tour. For more information on Let's Play Two and to get your copy, head here.

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