As Pearl Jam continue to work on their tenth studio album it’s becoming increasingly unclear on when it will actually be complete.

Yesterday, we reported that guitarist Mike McCready said that it probably wouldn’t be finished this year, but now guitarist Stone Gossard is telling Billboard that it’s “between half and three-quarters done” and that they “really want to finish a record this year.” Either way, the release date doesn’t look like it will be until the first part of next year at the earliest so sit back, dig deep into your Pearl Jam catalog, and relax.

Gossard talked to Billboard about the making of the new disc, saying, “We got some new material and we're excited about hopefully doing some more work on that later in the year." The band is taking its time with this one, with McCready even referring to it as a “slow-cooked turkey.”

Oh and you probably never expected to hear Pearl Jam compared to Motorhead but that’s exactly what band one of the new songs reminds Gossard of. According to Gossard, McCready wrote a tune "that's fantastic that reminds me of Motorhead. I hope that that one is in the mix coming up." So, if we couple that with how McCready recently described the writing sessions - saying that the new songs are a mix of experimental, straight forward rock and beautiful ballads and you’ve got one diverse collection!

As Eddie Vedder continues to let his injured back heal, the band has a handful summer dates already scheduled and Gossard hinted at perhaps some additional dates, saying, “We're going to try to play a little bit more this year… Not too much, but a few things," leaving the door wide open for a possible summer jaunt.

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