Slipknot were right when they said “People = Shit.” In the spirit of the Nine’s iconic anti-human anthem, we put together this compilation of fails, public freakouts and instant karma moments caught on film.

Just because you don’t like someone’s music, that doesn’t mean you should mess with them. However, a prankster and troll decided to pull one over on Maroon 5’s Adam Levine, flour bombing him outside the studio of Jimmy Kimmel Live! The flour bomber was charged with battery and sentenced to 20 days of community service.

Street performers deal with enough while attempting to make a living, so don’t mess with their jams. In this clip, you’ll see a few scenes which likely sent a few of them into retirement, like when someone dove into a performer’s set of bucket drums not once, but twice. You’ll also see a drunken fool turn his dancing into an accidental human torpedo, along with a horrid singer belting her own high notes alongside an unfortunate guitarist.

Ever see the footage of a drunk dude invading Nirvana’s stage during the Bleach era of their career? The tiny bar gig was a wild one for Nirvana, who didn’t intervene for a number of minutes even though the dude kept screaming into a vacant mic. Eventually, Kurt Cobain slammed himself into the guy, with then-guitarist Jason Everman chasing the guy once he was brought off stage.

Check out our People = Shit compilation in the video below.

PEOPLE = S#!T (Fails, Public Freakouts + Instant Karma Compilation)

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