People have been roasting Machine Gun Kelly on TikTok recently and it's pretty brutal. The hate is coming primarily from two covers MGK has done in the past, one of Paramore's "Misery Business" and the other of Linkin Park's "Numb." You can check out some of the reaction videos below.

Mathias Morte, who analyses popular music on the social media app, compared the original track by Paramore and the cover  by MGK. He starts the video by saying there are "a lot of reasons why [MGK's cover] sucks," two of which are, he says, "the fact MGK has the vocal range of a turtle and the pitch correction." He goes on to call MGK's vocals "dead and flat."

While Morte adds a little analysis of the song and MGK's vocal stylings to his video, some are just straight up roasting the musician. For example, one TikToker compared Machine Gun Kelly to Goofy singing Evanescence's Bring Me To Life.

A meme page posted a TikTok of Dave Rivenbark reacting to the song with the caption, "Chester turning in his grave after hearing that."

And finally, an account called creed_rules posted a video where they shared what they thought about the Linkin Park cover, lip syncing to an audio clip from Step Brothers saying, "I can't even hear what you're saying right now because your face is driving me nuts."

Constructive criticism is always fair, but these videos seem to lean more into the realm of cyberbullying. Do you think the hate is warranted? Comment below.

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