We've already pondered a few things Kerry King can do after Slayer retires, including joining Pantera onstage for a song should they ever reunite. Philip Anselmo has some different ideas though, looking toward new music rather than rehashing the past... and it could involve a collaboration with King.

Speaking with Revolver about Slayer's decision to bow out, Anselmo seemed reluctant to believe that thrash's fiercest group would indeed never take the stage again after the conclusion of their farewell tour. "There's a lot of bands that have claimed they're doing one last tour," he said. "It's called smart business, to a degree. So I'll believe it if it happens." Regardless of what happens, the singer went on, "But when I was a young man, Slayer changed my life — so whatever they decide all I can do is extend my love and admiration for the fellas in the band and wish them the best."

The Pantera legend then addressed the rumors that he and King had been "jamming together." He took a shot at the credibility of things you read on the Internet and even mentioned he hasn't spoken with King since the passing of Jeff Hanneman, swiftly hushing the whispers. "I'm on the worst side of life expectancy now, so for me to close any doors would be just flat out foolish. [Laughs] If Kerry King wants to do a record and it sounds cool, my door is always open," Anselmo wrapped up.

For now, you can hear some new music from Anselmo on the latest Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals album, Choosing Mental Illness as a Virtue. Check out the title track, "Ignorant Point" and "Delinquent" for a taste.

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