We've dedicated this entire week to celebrating the 20th anniversary of Pantera's landmark album 'Far Beyond Driven.' Thanks to vocalist Philip Anselmo, we've taken a deep dive into the album, and now we're finishing it off with an insider's look into Pantera's cover of 'Planet Caravan' by Black Sabbath.

"'Planet Caravan' was a song that we recorded for a Black Sabbath tribute record and it got rejected because of political reasons between record labels and whatnot," Anselmo describes. "For us, of course, you think Pantera -- we would pick the heaviest Black Sabbath song in the world to cover. But one thing I knew was that those fellas were capable of playing any type of music they could."

Anselmo continues, "We knew that 'Far Beyond Driven' was a beating, listening from song one to the last song. It might be kind of ironic to throw this very well-done, extremely laid-back, mellow, yet semi-popular Black Sabbath song at the end."

Check out Anselmo's full look into Pantera's cover of 'Planet Caravan' in the video above!

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