Philip H. Anselmo is the guest on the upcoming episode of the Loudwire Podcast! In this podcast preview, Anselmo speaks to how provocative artists like GG Allin and AxCx’s Seth Putnam would be “under siege” in today’s social justice warrior culture.

Anselmo rails against SJWs, political correctness and blanket statements throughout Superjoint’s new full-length, Caught Up in the Gears of Application, so went in-depth on the subjects during this podcast. Podcast hosts Graham Hartmann and Joe DiVita brought up the idea that we need musicians like Seth Putnam more than ever, so Phil expanded on the idea.

“A guy like Seth Putnam or GG Allin or the Mentors, bands like that, they would be under siege by the SJW attack,” Phil said about the social climate today. “[Getting offended] was the point. You can take a love song and if you’re supposed to come away from that love song feeling sappy and romantic, well okay then, point made.”

Listen to the Podcast Preview above! The full Loudwire Podcast featuring Philip Anselmo will hit YouTube and iTunes on Dec. 29!

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