Philip Anselmo once sang about respect in the Pantera song "Walk." Now he's show respect to one of his fellow metal peers in the new track "Tom Araya Theme Song," which was composed for the soundtrack of the new film Hair Metal Shotgun Zombie Massacre and named after the Slayer frontman.

The upcoming film, directed by Joshua Allan Vargas, centers on a hair metal band that decides to record their first album in a creepy cabin located by a notorious cemetery. During their stay, they discover a secret cellar that unwittingly opens a gate allowing demons to possess the corpses in the cemetery and find themselves in a dire situation.

Anselmo provides the film's theme song named after Tom Araya, and the Slayer singer is among those making cameos in the film (Randy Blythe and David Vincent also turn up in the movie). Take a listen to the song in full below.

Vargas has previously worked on videos for Down, Philip H. Anselmo and the Illegals and others, having close ties to many in the metal industry. According to a teaser clip (below), Hair Metal Shotgun Zombie Massacre will also have an album/movie intro featuring The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus.

The film's soundtrack will feature additional music from Helstar, composed for the fictional band Witches Lips, featured in the movie.

Hair Metal Shotgun Zombie Massacre Teaser

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