Last week, Pantera legend Philip Anselmo ended a night of memorable all-star performances at this year's Dimebash by giving a Nazi salute and screaming 'white power" to the audience. Now, after being called out by members of the metal community, Anselmo has issued a video apology (watch above).

On Friday, Jan. 15, Anselmo and such other rock and metal luminaries as Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl, Machine Head's Robb Flynn, Metallica's Robert Trujillo, ex-Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo and more played Motorhead and Pantera classics at the annual Dimebash being held at Lucky Strike Live in Hollywood, Calif.

Several days later, a fan posted video of Anselmo giving the controversial Nazi salute and screaming white power at the aforementioned event. Initially, Anselmo commented on the YouTube video, chalking it up to a backstage inside joke about white wine. However, he was called out by Machine Head's Robb Flynn, as well as the band All Shall Perish and Darkest Hour guitarist Mike Schleibaum.

In the video above, posted today (Jan. 30), Anselmo asks for forgiveness, stating,

Philip H. Anselmo here, and I'm here to, basically, respond to all the heat I've been getting that I deserve completely. I was at the Dimebash and it was extremely late at night [and] there was heavy-duty talk between myself and those who love Dime. And heavy emotions were flowing, jokes were made backstage that transpired upon the stage, and it was ugly, it was uncalled for. And anyone who knows me and my true nature knows that I don't believe in any of that; I don't wanna be part of any group. I'm an individual and I am a thousand percent apologetic to anyone that took offense to what I said, because you should have taken offense to what I said. And I am so sorry, and I hope you just… Man, give me another chance to… Just give me another chance. I love all of you. And anyone who's met me, anyone who knows me knows that I love all of you. Bless you.

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