There has been plenty of speculation over the years that if the living members of Pantera were to ever share a stage again, that longtime friend Zakk Wylde would be the guitarist to sit in with them. But that being said, an actual reunion has yet to take place. Even with drummer Vinnie Paul often shooting down talk of a reunion, the topic has remained headline fodder for a few years. During singer Philip Anselmo's recent question-and-answer session in Louisville, the topic came up again, but with a different approach.

As seen in the video above, Anselmo was asked about Wylde and if he thought the guitar great could fill the shoes of the late Dimebag Darrell. And while Anselmo has been pro Wylde in past reunion discussion, he admits that Wylde playing Dime's Pantera parts would be different.

"Zakk is such a badass f--king player, but I just think he's a different player, man -- different style," explained Anselmo, who then added, "You gotta remember, tonality comes into it -- he has a different tone than Dime, you know? So there would be, I guess, so many things to tweak about what [Zakk] does to not fill [Dime's] shoes but actually play Pantera parts. Cause there ain't no filling them f--king shoes."

The vocalist went on to state, "Make no mistake: Zakk Wylde is a f--king awesome motherf--ker, down to earth, cool as s--t, and can rip his f--king ass off. But I even said something to him after a show. I said, it's that grip. Nobody had Dimebag's f--king grip on that f--king axe — nobody."

Discussion of a Pantera reunion began to take shape in 2012 when Paul suggested in an interview that his only choice to fill in for the late Dimebag Darrell would be Wylde. In the time after, Anselmo, bassist Rex Brown and Wylde himself all expressed their support for the idea, and the talk heated up after Wylde shared a stage with Anselmo and Brown. But Paul backed off his original comments and continually thwarted any talk of a reunion, stating that it was never going to happen as a reunion couldn't take place without all original members and that all parties considering a potential pairing should move on.

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