After four long years, Pierce the Veil are making good on their promise to deliver a new album. Out May 13 on Fearless Records, Misadventures has already brought one single, "The Divine Zero" and now the explosive post-hardcore act has unleashed their fastest song to date, "Texas Is Forever."

Starting off with a bright, spotlighted alternate-picked melody, a pick slide and crescendoing snare fill open the floodgates on "Texas Is Forever." The sliding rhythm work is hurried by flams as frontman Vic Fuentes's signature voice comes across with wide-eyed energy. The chorus utilizes slight tempo variations and a push and pull aspect is employed with the vocals working against the guitars. Well-composed and bursting with brief start and stop moments, the song showcases the band's thoughtful sense of dynamics.

"'Texas is Forever' is a fast song, the fastest song we've ever done," commented bassist Jaime Preciado. Fuentes added, "It goes back to our roots and is going to be a fun song to play live. It's purely a self-indulgent song for us because it's really fast and that's what we grew up listening to. Lyrically, it closes the book on a relationship that I've been singing about over the last three albums."

Pre-orders for Misadventures will begin at midnight tonight (night March 24, morning March 25) and all information can be found at Pierce the Veil's website. Fans who place their pre-order will receive an instant-gratification download of "Texas Is Forever."

Pierce the Veil's last record, Collide With the Sky, was their most successful release to date, netting the No. 12 spot on the Billboard 200 charts. It shifted in excess of 400,000 copies.

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