Poppy is the latest guest on Amoeba’s ‘What’s In My Bag?’ segment and she made sure to pick up some black and doom metal albums while browsing the iconic record store.

The first album Poppy grabbed was Boris’ 2017 doom metal release Dear. “Boris is an experimental Japanese noise, metal, rock band — all of the above — and it resonates with me because I also have similar interests and loves. She also selected their 2020 album No, which delves into genres like hardcore and crossover thrash.

Moving into black metal territory, Poppy picked up a copy of Craft’s newest album, White Noise and Black Metal, though she was originally searching for 2005’s Fuck the Universe. She explains that her fiancé Ghostemane actually introduced her to the Swedish band.

After repping Portishead’s experimental Dummy album, Poppy finishes her Amoeba picks with two albums from Sunn O))). She starts off with the band’s 2008 live album Domkirke, which made use of one of the largest pipe organs in Scandinavia, before moving on to Sunn 0)))’s 2006 collaborative album with Boris, Altar. “The collaboration, I thought was amazing,” Poppy says.

Check out the full Poppy edition of ‘What’s in My Bag?’ below.

Poppy - What's In My Bag?

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