Primus tend to put on interesting shows as is, but this fall Les Claypool and company are pulling out the stops on a tour the singer/bassist says is "for the head."

The legendary bassist tells Billboard that their fall tour will utilize a 3-D system, much like the kind he debuted at the group's 2008 New Year's Eve performance in San Francisco. The 3D Live company, an offshoot of George Lucas' ILM, is responsible for the technology used on the trek.

Claypool says, "It's a pretty adventurous undertaking. Had we not done it once before, I'd be a little skeptical. But the show we did at the San Francisco Opera House was pretty amazing and the notion of touring it seems to be an even more amazing concept, so we're doing it."

The way it works is that fans will be issued 3-D goggles upon entry to the shows and what happens next is truly a treat. Claypool explains that he and his band "actually turn around during improv sections and sort of jam along with our visualist" and the images that are being created for the run.

The bassist says, "The past couple of years, Primus has gotten pretty psychedelic. We keep joking that we're bringing acid rock back to the masses, and I think this is another enhancing element of that."

In addition to the unique quality that having a 3-D experience will add, Claypool says that each show will provide something different for the audience.

The band continue to promote their 2011 release 'Green Naugahyde,' and Claypool says that at present they haven't really begun to think about a new record yet.

Primus 3-D Fall 2012 Tour Dates

10/12 -- Poughkeepsie, N.Y. -- Mid-Hudson Civic Center
10/13 -- Burlington, Vt. -- Memorial Auditorium
10/15 -- Washington, D.C. -- Fillmore
10/16 -- Wilkes-Barre, Pa. -- Kirby Center
10/17 -- Philadelphia, Pa. -- Tower Theater
10/19 -- New York, N.Y. -- Hammerstein
10/20 -- Boston, Mass. -- Orpheum
10/21 -- Providence, R.I. -- Veterans Memorial Auditorium
10/23 -- Niagara Falls, N.Y. -- Rapids Theater
10/24 -- Detroit, Mich. -- Fillmore
10/27 -- Indianapolis, Ind. -- Murat Theater
10/28 -- St. Louis, Mo. -- Peabody Opera House
10/30 -- Cincinnati, Ohio -- Taft Theater
10/31 -- Atlanta, Ga. -- Tabernacle
11/2 -- Kansas City, Mo. -- Uptown
11/3 -- Denver, Colo. -- Fillmore
11/4 -- Wichita, Kan. -- Cotillion Ballroom
11/5 -- Dallas, Texas -- McFarlin
11/7 -- Austin, Texas -- Bass Hall
11/9 -- Orlando, Fla. -- Hard Rock
11/10 -- Miami, Fla. -- Fillmore