We're just one day away from getting the new Queens of the Stone Age album Villains, but with the band in full promo mode, two more new songs are getting some attention thanks to the group's recent stopover at German radio station WDR 1LIVE in Cologne.

The group took part in an acoustic session for the station that was also streamed online. Enjoying their time in this element, the band rolled out 10 songs during their set, including "Domesticated Animals" (seen above), "Fortress" (seen below) and their current single "The Way You Used to Do" (also seen below), all from their new album.

Singer Josh Homme teased "Domesticated Animals" by telling those checking out the performance, "Perhaps it's an odd thing that one of the commands that you have is to play dead. Perhaps that's an odd thing. Perhaps telling someone to play dead is diabolical, but perhaps it is not." "Diabolical" is an apt choice of wording, given the darker and more sinister tone of the song, befitting of inclusion on an album titled Villains.

"Fortress," meanwhile, comes off a little more hopeful. The band's acoustic version of the track opens with a more jangly Middle Eastern sounding guitar, before Homme offers up the crux of the lyrical base, "Every fortress falls / It is not the end / It ain't if you fall / But how you rise that says / Who you really are / So get up and come through / If ever your fortress caves you're always safe."

And, there was also the playing of their current single "The Way You Used to Do," which comes off even bluesier in the more intimate setting. You can check out that video below as well. More of the acoustic session for WDR 1Live can be seen here.

As stated, Queens of the Stone Age's Villains album arrives in stores tomorrow (Aug. 25). You can order the disc via Amazon, iTunes and GooglePlay.  Look for the band on tour in September in support of the new album. Dates can be found at their website.

Queens of the Stone Age Perform "Fortress" for WDR 1LIVE

Queens of the Stone Age Perform "The Way You Used to Do" for WDR 1LIVE

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