While hard rock and metal are fairly inclusive worlds, there are things from time to time that affect the music world as a whole regardless of genre. During a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Queens of the Stone Age leader Josh Homme spoke about the fine line that artists have to walk these days concerning incorporating influences into their music, laying some blame at pop star Robin Thicke.

During the interview, the conversation turned to the current single "The Way You Used to Do," which has bits of inspiration from ZZ Top, Cab Calloway, Shirley Bassey and the Misfits. That's quite an eclectic list of acts to have inspired Homme.

"It used to be, if anything had any hint of anybody else, I wouldn't play it," says Homme, who added, "Now I don't worry about things, even though copyright law is really f--ked up right now because of that dumb s--t Robin Thicke. What a douchebag. Talk about thick. Now the copyright law is like, 'If it tastes like chicken, I guess you stole it.' Thanks a--hole."

Homme is referring to the lawsuit brought by the family of Marvin Gaye, who claimed that Thicke and co-writer Pharrell Williams infringed upon the late singer's "Got to Give It Up" with their hit single "Blurred Lines." The song was a major pop hit in 2013, but a jury ruled for the Gaye family and Thicke and Williams had to fork out $7.3 million for the infringement.

Homme and his band Queens of the Stone Age are getting ready to release their Villains album tomorrow (Aug. 25). The disc features the aforementioned single "The Way You Used to Do."

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