Queens of the Stone Age have found a fun way to promote the special USB flash-drive release of their new album '...Like Clockwork': Hire 'Saturday Night Live' alum Fred Armisen to pitch it in an infomercial!

In his guise as the Do Stuff Corporation's Ricky Chism, the 'Portlandia' star dons a long wig and khakis to promote the 8-gigabyte drive, which contains the album plus exclusive extras including high-resolution photos, original artwork, music videos and lyric sheets. It also doubles as a bottle opener.

"If you don't like the album, it's still an 8-gig flash drive and a handy bottle opener," touts Armisen in the promotional video, which can be seen above. "Can't lose."

It costs $29.99 and, for a limited time, a second drive will be included with additional shipping and handling fees. It can be ordered here.

"This isn't some gimmick from a record label or a suit somewhere, this is coming directly from the band," Armisen says in the ad, which features a QOTSA cameo at the 2:18 mark.

The band notched its first-ever No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart when '...Like Clockwork' was released in June, and will hit the road next month to promote the album. Here are QOTSA's 2013 tour dates so far.