Queens of the Stone Age have just revealed yet another animated music video. Acting as the second part to 'I Appear Missing,' 'Kalopsia' picks up where its precursor left off, taking the duel effort into an even darker and more mysterious realm.

Queens of the Stone Age unleashed 'I Appear Missing' into the world only a week ago, but since its debut, the track has accumulated well over two million views on Youtube. The addictive QOTSA cut is an essential step forward from a group that is constantly reinventing itself and is easily one of this year's best pieces of rock music so far. Many of those who have been sucked into 'I Appear Missing' knew that the video's length only covered half of the song and those eager to experience the completed work will be teased yet again, as Queens of the Stone Age have unveiled a video for 'Kalopsia' that covers around one-third of the song's overall length.

As noted in the opening animation for 'Kalopsia,' the term's definition is "a condition where things appear more beautiful than they are." 'I Appear Missing' ends with the video's protagonist falling to his death, with his blood spattering against a graffitied wall which reads, "F--- off." 'Kalopsia' continues the story, depicting a terrifying masked monster with the ability to melt others into a lava-like goop. The dichotomy between the evil creature and the video's accompanying music is truly unique and unsettling, delivering a curious extension to QOTSA's two-part sequence. Nine Inch Nails mastermind Trent Reznor even steps in for a quick cameo near the end of 'Kalopsia.'

Check out Queens of the Stone Age's newest track, 'Kalopsia,' and be sure to get your hands on the group's sixth studio album, '…Like Clockwork,' once it's released on June 3. Also, check out live audio of yet another new QOTSA song, 'Keep Your Eyes Peeled' below.

Queens of the Stone Age, 'Kalopsia'

Queens of the Stone Age, 'Keep Your Eyes Peeled' (Live)