Queens of the Stone Age are definitely on an upswing in their career after the critical praise and solid returns from 2013's ... Like Clockwork album, but as the band approaches a new studio album, singer Josh Homme is confident in what fans will eventually get to hear.

Speaking with New Zealand's The Rock (as transcribed by Ultimate Guitar), the singer states, "I've always been a believer that right now is all you'll ever get. In that respect, I don't get too nostalgic; I think the most difficult thing is to make your last record your best record. And the only way to do that is to concentrate on the one that you're on and make it full of risk and be vulnerable and take a chance. At the end of the day, this is just a musical way to explain a lifetime."

He later added, "The most important record I'm making is the one I'm working on. For the lack of better term, I bet my life on it. If you don't risk anything, you're not gonna get anything. I don't wanna copy myself, I just wanna take another chance at it; it keeps it always exciting that way."

Asked to share his thoughts on what fans can expect of the new music, Homme stated, "The new record is more like -- you're sort of like a panther in the trees leaping out of the darkness. We're ready to pounce, everyone is really ready to go. I feel like we're just leaning on the gate waiting for someone to open that sucker up so we can move. I think the record feels that way too -- it feels uptempo. While last thing [...Like Clockwork] was about making it through, this time we've made it through the other side and we're ready to roll."

When pressed for a timeframe on the new album's release, Homme played coy. "One of the great things about being in a rock 'n' roll band is the mystery of it all. We're just gonna unfold that in a slow way -- a bit of rock 'n' roll hide and seek. We'll just let out some clues here and there and have fun gently torturing each other," he explained.

Though we'll have to wait on official new album news, Queens of the Stone Age will be playing sparingly this summer. The band has a mix of dates in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and the U.S. on their schedule. See their tour schedule here.

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