How well do you know your death metal history trivia? Well, we're about to find out.

The origin of death metal has been debated ever since the concept of the genre came about in 1985 when Bay Area group Possessed authored a song titled "Death Metal" on their groundbreaking debut record, Seven Churches.

At the time, no band had outright set out to create an entirely new genre — they just wanted to turn the sounds they had heard already in metal into something even heavier and more extreme. No band sat around and went, "What do you guys think? Should we invent death metal?"

Nevertheless, more than three decades and many evolutions later, death metal is still here. Whether it's the delightfully mind-numbing grooves of Obituary or the over the top, technical absurdity of Archspire, it all nestles quite well under the same simple genre tag.

In this quiz though, we're sticking to the early days. Why? For one, it's too easy to test your knowledge on things that happened over the last few years, especially how well-documented it all is in the internet age.

To know the answers to (most of) these questions means you've done the deep dive — no posers here, just a swarm of headbangers rightfully trying to lay claim to the pit boss throne while the breakdown to Suffocation's "Liege of Inveracity" plays on an endless loop in your slaughterhouse stronghold.

When you're done, why not test your meddle with this thrash trivia quiz?

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