Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello is getting ready to rage against corporate greed and corruption. The guitarist is set to perform solo under his Nightwatchmen persona at the Occupy Wall Street protests encampment in downtown New York City on Thursday (Oct. 13) at noon ET.

Morello, who also played songs at the movement's Occupy Los Angeles outpost this past weekend, says music brings a certain element to social uprisings that history has shown is necessary for successful rebellion.

"I think that music's combination of harmony, rhyme, truth and groove speaks to the reptilian brain of human, in a way that's different from the written or spoken word," he tells LA Weekly. "Check the historical record -- you don't win unless you've got an excellent soundtrack."

So the revolution needs a soundtrack? What soundtrack would Morello suggest for the Occupy Wall Street movement?

"I would humbly submit Nightwatchman's 'Worldwide Rebel Songs,'" he says, referring to his recently released fourth solo album under the moniker. "It's about bringing everybody up onstage on that one microphone, all singing the same song in solidarity together, without any differentiation between the artist and the people. Because that's sort of the point."