German power metal pioneers Rage are back with a revamped lineup and The Devil Strikes Again, their first new studio album since 2012 and their 22nd overall. Armed with 10 blistering new tracks, the video for the title track can be seen above exclusively at Loudwire.

As one of power metal's pioneering pillars alongside countrymates Helloween, Rage never fail to deliver thrill-seeking anthems like "The Devil Strikes Again." Opening with a low rumble, the power trio quickly crashes in with a momentous buildup. A slight pause and a triplet of quick-strike chugs and Rage stomp on the pedal, backed by a thrashy rhythm with a push and pull verse. The chorus intensifies with furious double kicks and mainman Peter 'Peavy' Wagner's signature mid-range snarl.

The video, directed by Ivan K. Maras, sees Rage forego the typical abandoned warehouse, performing in a an empty stone building. A skull adorns drummer Vassilios 'Lucky' Maniatopoulos' kit as is guitarist Marcos Rodriguez's backing vocal mic stand and is a reoccurring image as the Devil makes cryptic appearances.

"This is actually related to the song ‘Sent by the Devil‘ from the Black In Mind album of ’95," explains Peavy. "Also the text deals with some evil obsessions that take control over your life more and more to the point when you cannot resist any longer, have a deep look into yourself and you will understand. And of course the composition brings up some reminiscences without just copying.”

The Devil Strikes Again is due out June 10 via Nuclear Blast, while North American fans will have to wait until July 8 for the album to arrive via Metalville Records under exclusive license from Nuclear Blast. Pre-orders can be placed through Amazon in North America and through Nuclear Blast for the rest of the world. Rage will be performing at a number of festivals this summer. Check out the dates at the band's Facebook page.

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