We know you've been waiting forever for that new Rammstein record — almost as long as you've been waiting for Tool's new one. But have you heard OOMPH!, the German industrial band that formed four years earlier than Rammstein? Well, now's your chance as they've dropped the first song, "Kein Liebeslied," off their forthcoming 13th studio album, Ritual.

Chugging guitars, a stomping beat and melodic synths dominate the opening moments, but the track quickly subsides in energy, dropping to just bass, drums and a gritty vocal sung entirely in German. OOMPH! build the energy back up, adding more layers as the "Kein Liebeslied" moves forward.

"Kein Liebeslied was written by us three in a joint session in our recording studio on a very creative day in February 2016 and later refined even further," says the band. "In 'Kein Liebeslied' we deal with the evolution of mankind and question what humans have accomplished up to this day! We can not wait to play this song live for our fans and are looking forward to the reactions!"

Ritual will be released on Jan. 18 and pre-orders can be placed through the Napalm Records webstore. Check out the album art and track listing below.

OOMPH! Ritual Album Art + Track Listing

Napalm Records
Napalm Records

1. Tausend Mann und ein Befehl
2. Achtung! Achtung!
3. Kein Liebeslied
4. Trümmerkinder
5. Europa (feat. Chris Harms / Lord Of The Lost)
6. Im Namen des Vaters
7. Das Schweigen der Lämmer
9. Phönix aus der Asche
10. Lass' die Beute frei
11. Seine Seele
12. In der Stille der Nacht (Bonus Track)
13. Lazarus (Bonus Track)
14. TRRR - FCKN - HTLR (Lord of The Lost Remix) (Bonus Track)

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