We've already reported that Rammstein singer Till Lindemann has teamed up with Peter Tägtgren of the Swedish metal band Pain and creator and sole-member of industrial music project Hypocrisy to work on some new music. They’re calling themselves Lindemann and they've just announced their debut album, Skills In Pills, will come out in May.

We can already tell the pair make an interesting creative team. Just have a look above at the album art they unveiled for their upcoming disc. As you can see, it features the two band members dressed as little boys sitting on the lap of a giant, naked voluptuous woman.

Lindemann isn’t the first Rammstein member to work on other musical ventures. In 2014, guitarist Richard Kruspe released the album Silent So Long with his band Emigrate. In an exclusive video interview with Loudwire, Kruspe talked about the decision he and his Rammstein bandmates made to take a year off from the group so they could focus on other projects. Watch below.

As for the new album being released by Lindemann, website Bravewords has released the track list for the disc. Check out the names of all 10 tracks below; titles include “Fat,” “Golden Shower” and “Praise Abort.”

Skills In Pills Track List:

“Skills In Pills”
“Fish On”
“Children Of The Sun”
“Home Sweet Home”
“Golden Shower”
“Praise Abort”

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