Rammstein's first show of 2023 took place over the weekend, and during the performance, the German industrial outfit played a few deep cuts, one of which hadn't been played in over 20 years.

The concert, which was an exclusive "dress rehearsal" performance for select members of their LIFAD Community fan club, took play May 20 in Vilnius, Lithuania. According to Setlist.fm, they played a total of 21 songs. They opened the show with "Rammlied" from their 2009 album Liebe ist fur alle da (Love Is There for Everyone) [via Google Translate], which is the first time they played it since 2011.

Shortly after, they performed "Bestrafe mich" ("Punish Me") for the first time since 2001. The track is from the band's second studio album, Sehnsucht, which came out in 1997 and translates to Longing.

After "Bestrafe mich," the band debuted "Giftig" ("Poisonous") from their 2022 album Zeit for the very first time. So, the show was laced with deep cuts and special moments, especially when they played the piano versions of "Ohne dich" ("Without You") and "Engel" ("Angel") on a separate stage during the encore. 

See fan-filmed footage of "Rammlied," "Bestrafe mich" and "Giftig" below.

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The band's next concert will be held at the same venue in Lithuania this evening (May 22). Their European tour will wrap up in Brussels in early August. See all of the upcoming dates and get tickets on their website.

Rammstein - 'Rammlied' Live (2023)

Rammstein - 'Bestrafe mich' Live (2023)

Rammstein - 'Giftig' Live (2023)

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