The latest developments in the ever-changing legal saga of Lamb of God vocalist Randy Blythe bring both good and bad news. According to the Czech news agency, the Prague Municipal Court has dismissed the prosecutor’s request to deny bail to Blythe, but in turn, the vocalist's bail amount has been doubled.

This means Blythe may be closer to getting released from a Czech jail. However, Blythe’s bail has been increased from $200,000 to $400,000, which is said to be the equivalent of the singer’s income over two years. Additionally, the Czech legal system allows the prosecutor to file yet another complaint against the new bail amount, leaving Blythe’s release remaining uncertain.

Blythe, who has been in jail since June 27 and faces manslaughter charges for an alleged incident at a 2010 Prague concert, recently gave his first jailhouse interview. In the interview, he said he was unaware of any incident that took place at that show and remembers few details about the gig.

As the wheels of the Czech justice system move extremely slowly, here in the United States plans are being made for another rally to support Blythe. On Sunday (July 22), friends and fans will partake in a vigil in front of the United States Supreme Court building. A petition to ask President Obama to intervene has also been launched.

Fans and fellow musicians have also been calling for more mainstream media coverage of Blythe’s situation, which has been covered extensively by the music press, but remains under the radar for the majority of news outlets.