Can we have a minute of your time? Really, just one minute! Portuguese hardcore fiends Reality Slap dropped the Limitless EP earlier this year and they are teaming up with Loudwire to premiere their music video for the punchy, quick-strike track "Blaze!"

Clocking in at just 70 seconds (Okay, we lied. We need just a little bit more than a minute of your time), Reality Slap accomplish a lot, opening up with a clanking, spotlight bass lick and rapid-fire rhythms. Blurring the lines between hardcore, punk and crossover, the quintet tear through pit-ready breakdowns, amplified when the members go airborne. Hey, if there's no crowd, you've got to be your own mosh pit, right? Right!

Frontman Johnny expounded on the message behind the track, stating, "We felt that 'Blaze' would be a perfect song to start the record with after the intro. It has a lot of dynamics and it's a great bridge between the old Reality Slap and the new. Lyrically it talks about friendship and how some people can connect really strongly no matter how far they might be from each other -- sharing the same views and energy, emitting the same light and giving you a light you can follow through dark times."

Reality Slap's Limitless EP is out now and orders can be placed digitally through iTunes and if you're looking for a physical copy, there's colored vinyl and CD options to be explored at the War Records webstore.

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