Many would agree with the ideology that the greatest songs come from extremely emotional places. Artists such as Kurt Cobain, Trent Reznor and Scott Weiland were able to use their struggles with depression and drug addiction to create densely layered masterpieces containing an incredible amount of depth. 

With the success and popularity of such artists teetering on the edge of martyrdom, the path which creates the breed of misfit heroes has become a focal point in the career of many emerging acts. To some, Redlight King's 'Bullet in My Hand' will fit smoothly into that category, but for others the piece may feel too familiar to create such a buzz.

Redlight King singer-songwriter Kaz has walked the fragile path and emerged from the darkness with a bundle of songs written along the way. 'Bullet in My Hand' is an account of Kaz’s struggles concerning drug addiction and his frustration about narrowly missing the opportunity to compete in the 2000 Summer Olympics as a member the Canadian Judo team.

Although the song is undeniably catchy, the radio-friendly piece follows safely behind bands such as Nickelback and Finger Eleven using generic guitar licks and shiny production. Kaz’s vocals follow the same ordered form, offering small portions of calculated aggression during the chorus.

The signature lyric of the song, “I came out of the darkness with a bullet in my hand,” offers the listener a memorable phrase which will surely be taken to heart by fans. Unfortunately, Caz’s remaining words such as, “Cuz I got a little roughed up, I really got f---ed up,” and “Can you see the light? I can see the light,” are unlikely to inspire the same connection.

All together, 'Bullet in My Hand' is a perfectly fine song for the casual music fan, but those looking for something more progressive may not find it here.

Listen to Redlight King, 'Bullet in My Hand'