Tech-death unit Revocation have set Netherheaven as the successor to 2018's The Outer Ones and up first is the music video for "Diabolical Majesty," which confronts ongoing Christian extremity in the United States. A tour of all-out brutality featuring Krisiun, Alluvial and Inoculation will also launch on Sept. 9, the same day the record comes out.

"It's always hard choosing the first single off of a new album, but we felt that 'Diabolical Majesty' really captures the mood of Netherheaven overall," says vocalist/guitarist Dave Davidson.

"It's a thrashing, death metal ripper that's got a little something for everyone, whether you're the first one to activate a circle pit at a show or if you just like to bang your fucking head. The music video was filmed by our good friends Dave Brodsky and Allison Woest, and they've once again outdone themselves on this one! Special thanks to the Sk8 Liborius crew for letting us rage in their space for a couple days," he adds.

There's no lie there — it's textbook Revocation in the best way and makes it quite obvious that this band is still in peak form nearly 15 years removed from their debut album. And Davidson is looking quite suave with his color-coordinated yellow shirt, guitar and shoes. Nice!

Davidson continues, "Lyrically, 'Diabolical Majesty' was inspired by the Satanic Temple's ongoing struggle with the religious right and their battle to display the statue of the Baphomet in the face of censorship and legal action. To quote American author Chris Hedges, 'The merger of the corporatists with the Christian right is the marrying of Godzilla to Frankenstein.' These words ring even truer now that extremist Christian politicians have begun imposing their authoritarian rule as they seek to completely undo the separation of church and state."

Regarding what else fans can expect from the nine-song platter that delves deep through the nine rings of Hell before confronting the Devil himself, the frontman offers, "We're definitely in more of a death metal mindset than on earlier albums in our catalog," asserts Davidson. "We're focusing on how we can write the best death metal-centric album that we possibly can while still pushing our boundaries. The new songs on 'Netherheaven' are evil and sinister but also have a progressive element to them to keep things interesting. It's got our stamp on it, no question."

Watch the music video for "Diabolical Majesty" below. View the Netherheaven artwork and complete track listing (the closer features the late Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder as well as Cannibal Corpse's George 'Corpsegrinder' Fisher) as well as the North American tour dates (Sept. 9 through Oct. 16) further down the page.

Pre-order Neatherheaven, which will be released on Metal Blade Records, here.

Revocation, "Diabolical Majesty" Lyrics

Fallen disciples praising the exalted goat
But we bow down to no man
Satanic rites of empathy and equality
Deemed “demonic” by the lamb

Worshipping at the chapel of the adversary
Missionaries of your infernal majesty

Monoliths of the diabolical erected in defiance, against the servants of the light
Champions of hell have been invoked to crush the cursed creatures of the Christian right
Countless heretics maimed, hung by the noose in his name or viciously slain by their weapons of hate
Hades’ gates now overflow with burning souls
Onward to victory! Set their commandments ablaze

Cast down from the heavens
Plunged into the vermillion pit
Forsaken by your lord on high
For untold centuries our legions have multiplied
Now Satan’s forces spread like lice

Our shadow descends upon these holy grounds
The effigy of the dark one now rises
Blasphemous triumph
We stand victorious before oppressive messiahs

Worshipping at the chapel of the adversary
We embody the anti-trinity

Revocation, Diabolical Majesty" Music Video

Revocation, Netherheaven Album Art + Track Listing

Revocation, 'Neatherheaven'
Metal Blade

1. "Diabolical Majesty"
2. "Lessons in Occult Theft"
3. "Nihilistic Violence"
4. "Strange and Eternal"
5. "Galleries of Morbid Artistry"
6. "The 9th Chasm"
7. "Godforsaken"
8. "The Intervening Abyss of Untold Aeons"
9. "Re-Crucified" (feat. Trevor Strnad + George 'Corpsegrinder' Fisher)

Revocation, Krisiun, Alluvail + Inoculation 2022 Tour Dates

Revocation 2022 Tour
Revocation / Metal Blade

Sept. 09 - Toronto, Ontario @ Lee's Palace
Sept. 10 - Montreal, Quebec @ Les Foufounes Electriques
Sept. 11 - Québec City, Quebec @ La Source de la Martinière
Sept. 13 - Brooklyn, N.Y. @ Elsewhere Brooklyn
Sept. 14 - Cambridge, Mass. @ Middle East Restaurant & Nightclub
Sept. 15 - Mechanicsburg, Pa. @ Lovedraft's Brewing Co.
Sept. 16 - Baltimore, Md. @ The Metro Gallery
Sept. 17 - Virginia Beach, Va. @ Elevation 27
Sept. 18 - Greensboro, N.C. @ The Blind Tiger
Sept. 19 - Atlanta, Ga. @ The Masquerade (Purgatory)
Sept. 20 - Tampa, Fla. @ Brass Mug
Sept. 21 - West Palm Beach, Fla. @ Respectable Street
Sept. 23 - Austin, Texas @ Come And Take It Live
Sept. 24 - Dallas, Texas @ Amplified Live
Sept. 25 - El Paso, Texas @ Rockhouse Bar & Grill
Sept. 27 - Mesa, Ariz. @ Nile Theater
Sept. 28 - San Diego, Calif. @ Brick By Brick
Sept. 29 - Los Angeles, Calif. @ 1720
Sept. 30 - Roseville, Calif. @ Goldfield Trading Post
Oct. 01 - Santa Cruz, Calif. @ Santa Cruz Vets Hall
Oct. 03 - Portland, Ore. @ Dante's
Oct. 04 - Seattle, Wash. @ El Corazon
Oct. 06 - Salt Lake City, Utah @ Metro Music Hall
Oct. 07 - Denver, Colo. @ Bluebird Theater
Oct. 08 - Lincoln, Neb. @ The Royal Grove
Oct. 09 - Sioux Falls, S.D. @ Bigs Bar
Oct. 11 - St. Paul, Minn. @ Turf Club
Oct. 12 - Chicago, Ill. @ Reggie's Rock Club
Oct. 13 - Hamtramck, Mich. @ The Sanctuary 2
Oct. 14 - Cleveland, Ohio @ No Class
Oct. 15 - Rochester, N.Y. @ Montage Music Hall
Oct. 16 - Pittsburgh, Pa. @ Enclave

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