The men of Boston technical death metal band Revocation are some funny dudes, and along with writing and performing some of modern metal's most impressive tunes, the group are constantly touring as one of the world's hardest working bands. In this exclusive video tour diary, Revocation wreak havoc on an airplane, go sightseeing around Europe, consume some absinthe, and most importantly, argue over who is the biggest "p-ssy."

Since 2006, Revocation have been constantly unleashing some of metal's most interesting and technically proficient music. With three albums and one EP under their belts, Revocation have been riding a wave of acclaim from both fans and critics, and the bane of their success is captured beautifully in this exclusive premiere of the band's European video diary, filmed while on tour with Dying Fetus.

Nobody in their right mind likes to take long flights, so what do Revocation do to pass the time? They drink and hang out shoeless at the back of the plane while hurling insults at each other. After actually touching down in Europe, Revocation and some other guests venture around Paris and other cities to take in many beautiful sites, with hilarious quotes such as, "What chu know 'bout castles?" thrown in for good measure.

Oh yeah, and Revocation also performed music while touring around Europe, with some great live footage shot from the vantage point of beastly drummer Phil Dubois-Coyne.

The video concludes with some absinthe, impressive dance moves in a European disco, and finally, some friendly bonding whilst in mid-urination.

Check out the exclusive premiere of Revocation's 2012 adventures throughout Europe!

Revocation's 'Euro-Tour 2012 Diary'