Episode 12 of the Loudwire Podcast will feature Pantera legend Rex Brown and the band’s longtime photographer Joe Giron. In this podcast preview, the duo share some of their weirdest fan encounters from the road.

This discussion was sparked by the new and extensive photo book A Vulgar Display of Pantera. The book tells the entire story of Pantera through the lens of Giron, who was there to see the Cowboys From Hell become the pivotal metal act of the ‘90s.

Fans started becoming so hardcore into Pantera that the band members began having surreal encounters with their faithful listeners. When asked what the weirdest custom piece of Pantera swag brought to the band was, Rex Brown spoke of one fan’s prosthetic leg and another’s wheelchair. Some cool stuff was thrown onto the stage, too. “It was insane, all the stuff that used to come flying on that stage,” Rex says. “A quarter-pound of weed just sitting there. I’m dead-ass serious.”

Another dude came to a show dressed in a deer outfit with skeleton hands. An actual deer skull was part of the costume, so of course Dimebag Darrell had to stage a photo shoot with the morbid prop.

Check out this preview of Loudwire Podcast #12 in the clip above and get ready for the full episode to hit YouTube and iTunes on Jan. 12.

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