The evolution of Rise Against has been an important one in the 21st century rock scene. The group formed out of the ashes of the band 88 Fingers Louie and emerged from Chicago as a fresh voice. Initially starting with more of a melodic hardcore sound, the band eventually started to incorporate more of a punk sound and ethic, developing a more confident political and social voice with each album.

Singer-guitarist Tim McIlrath, bassist Joe Principe and drummer Brandon Barnes have been around for each of the group's studio albums, while the band shuffled through Dan Wleklinski, Todd Mohney and Chris Chasse before finding some consistency with Zach Blair at the other guitar spot.

In an era where pop/punk came to the forefront and the amount of acts who addressed political and social issues dwindled, Rise Against stood out for their catchy sound and commitment to speaking their mind and shining a spotlight where it was needed the most. But with such quality releases, it was quite the difficult task to separate the weakest from the strongest. In reflection, there's solid efforts from top to bottom. So join us and scroll through the gallery above as we rank Rise Against albums from weakest to strongest.

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