Longtime animal advocate Tim McIlrath of Rise Against has released a PSA in conjunction with PETA2 (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) in which he takes on SeaWorld and the Ringling Bros. Circus. In the two-plus minute clip, the vocalist rips both attractions for their horrific treatment of animals. Watch the video above.

McIlrath gives jaw-dropping statistics and appalling information about the treatment of animals in captivity. “Animals in a circus like Ringling Bros. and marine parks like Seaworld were kidnapped from their families or born into a life of captivity,” he explains. “Orcas are forced to live out their days like inmates serving a life sentence without parole.” He added that wild Orcas swim up to 100 miles a day but in captivity they are confined to their small concrete pools. McIIrath also noted that wild Orcas can live between 30 and 50 years, while many in captivity don’t make it out of their teens.

He also shared the techniques marine parks and circuses use to train animals, which include food deprivation, chaining them to floors to up to 23 hours a day, electo-shock treatment as well as beating animals to force them into unnatural position to learn tricks.

The singer-guitarist added, “Elephants are not meant to do handstands, Tigers are not meant to jump through rings of fire and dolphins are not meant to live in swimming pools.” He concluded, “Animals deserve a life that’s better than this. I make a choice every time I go out on stage, I choose to perform. Animals in captivity don’t get to make that choice."

This is not the first time McIlrath has teamed up with PETA. The rocker also released this video about the benefits, both individually and environmentally, for adopting a vegetarian diet. Watch the video here.

Rise Against will kick off their winter tour with Linkin Park and Of Mice & Men on Jan. 15 in Orlando, Fla. For all tour dates, click here.