By now, you should be familiar with the quirky skills of YouTube sensation Rob Scallon, who does some of the strangest things with a guitar we've ever seen. He's switched it up in his latest video, exchanging his guitar for a pair of drum sticks as he crafted a piano song titled "Sunken Ships" on drums. What? Allow us to explain!

Using an electronic drum kit, Scallon set the sound of his stick strikes to a piano and hammers away at the kit, unleashing a pleasing piano melody while employing a blast beat on his right hand. The left hand does some "cymbal" work, allowing other melodies to creep in as his foot mans the pedals and gives new life to the song.

Playing around with electronic drum kits can be fun, changing the sounds to a multitude of strange things, but this is one of the more unique spins. Close your eyes and you'll feel like Lucy sitting at the end of Schoeder's piano from Peanuts.

While this video is a departure from the typically metal clips Scallon uploads, the song is centered around a blast beat, so it's still metal at the core! The last time we reported on the YouTuber, he was playing guitar on a single-stringed shovel with an active pickup and functioning volume and tone knobs, so this video could surprisingly be considered more "normal."

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