It's time for another Rob Scallon video! The YouTube star has teamed up with Sarah Longfield, another metal YouTube phenom, and by their powers combined, they've delivered one of their funniest videos yet. The two rip through Slayer's "Payback" on a pair of ukuleles to a rather caught-off-guard group.

Taking part in a Sunday uke group, several members are seen sitting in a circle, wearing flower headbands and beaming with ray-of-sunshine happiness. Until Sarah and Rob bring their own musical stylings to the group, that is! Sarah, happy to be welcomed, mentions how she made cupcakes for everyone, but Cheryl ate them all. Dedicating the song to the cupcake hoarder, the two enact some "Payback."

Somehow, the duo manages to absolutely shred on those ukuleles, tremolo picking with ease as Sarah belts out the venomous and scathing lyrics, littered with dozens of F-bombs, so if you're at work you may want to save this one for after hours or an off-site lunch break! The members of the group demonstrate surprised reactions to the God Hates Us All favorite, mouths agape in complete shock at what's going on in their otherwise pleasant meeting.

One of the highlights is when Scallon plays the solo, which bursts with distortion while he displays some fleet-fingered skills on the Dean ML series ukulele. It adds an even hokier element to the video, which is always welcome with his cheeky brand of humor.

This isn't the first time Scallon has dazzled on the Hawaiian lute, playing Metallica's "Blackened" which he even plugged in to lay waste to the solo!

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